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I knew I needed to lose weight. I tried on my own and was unsuccessful. I wanted a program that I could eat “normal” food. I didn’t want to cook a separate meal for myself and another for my family. I wanted a program that would fit into MY life. Through the mini lessons and educational component Dr. Geoff and his staff offered, I found out I was not eating enough and therefore not losing weight. The weekly lessons shed light on my eating and exercising habits. Within in 5 months of starting the program, I MET SUCCESS! I lost 33 lbs! It has been over a year and I have been able to maintain my weight. “You CAN do it!” “Your goal IS achievable!” The support given during my journey was a key component to my success. Dr. Geoff and his fabulous staff supported me through this journey and continue through today. 
Marty R.
I joined Dr. Geoff’s weight loss over 3 years ago. I had never had a weight problem but as I edged towards the “50’ age bracket, I saw myself gaining weight and not being able to take it off.  I went there, skeptical as I had been on so many diets and nothing was working. I found everyone to be so understanding and compassionate, joined and immediately began losing weight. I lost over 25 pounds in a short time. The nurse there was very knowledgeable in nutrition and exercise, spent time with me going over my diet, exchanging “good” low fat recipes, and kept encouraging me to succeed. I lost about 30 pounds total, that was over 3 years ago and have been able to keep most of it off. The nice thing is, you can always go back at anytime to drop those few hard-to-shed pounds. I definitely recommend their program for anyone who is struggling to lose weight. You won’t be sorry!!! 
Karen D.
Thank you to the wonderful staff at Dr Geoff’s. You helped me tremendously by equipping me with the life skills and behavioral habits to become healthier and more fit. With your help, I was able to make this year a happy one.  In a few short months, not only did I meet my desired weight, but I managed to keep nearly 40 lbs off!  I highly recommend this program to anyone trying to do the same. 
Tony H.